Why Pilot's Coffee? Pilot's Brew - Our Story

Pilot’s Brew is a new and exciting brand of sensational pilot's coffee created specifically for pilots. Conceived by Julian Robinson, a pilot from Australia, and inspired by the need for a nice, rich flavored pilot's coffee, the intent on Pilot’s Brew is to bring an amazing coffee experience to pilots far and wide. 

Julian standing by his Jabiru Aircraft for Pilot's Brew coffee

Bringing together a passion for aviation and a passion for coffee seems like the the most rewarding way to support other pilots. Even better, make pilot's coffee taste better at high altitudes.

According to a 2010 study by German airline Lufthansa, at high altitudes we can lose as much as 30% of our taste sensation. This is due to a lack of humidity, dry air and pressure changes which can dissipate our natural taste senses. Pilot’s Brew coffee has been created with altitude deterioration in mind so it tastes sensational at any altitude. This is because of the enhanced organic flavor and 70% dark roast component for additional intensity.

As a pilot, flying is the ultimate form of natural exhilaration – The sensation of complete freedom. Seeing the world as if we are riding the wings of an eagle, we see the metaphysical world and all its beauty. And a discovery that us pilots share a unique experience and excitement that comes from the thrill of flight. An important need for pilots all over to be united in the modern era of society provides conception to Pilot’s Brew coffee. The rich aromatic Nicaraguan coffee beans tantalise the senses and tastes only true aviators and coffee drinkers can completely realise.

Alongside the pursuit of what we believe is the very best pilot's and copilot's coffee we can produce for the aviation community, we would also love to give back to aviation in a meaningful way. We recognize the need for youths and teens to develop their passion for flying in a way that's constructive and inspirational. The younger generation that may not otherwise have these opportunities. Therefore we are sponsoring Above The Clouds Kids, a US charity helping distressed, disabled or underprivileged kids and teens through our coffee sales.

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